We believe in the importance of training and of shared knowhow. For this reason, we organize trainings and seminars in Italy and around the world.
CREATIVO® Workshop it’s not simply a technical seminar, but a full-immersion training in the CREATIVO® world, where applicators and decorators are invited to express their full ability and creativity, together with sharing their ideas and propositions. During the training, you will not only learn the correct system application, you will also discover a wide range of effects and fnishes, from which you can start creating your own.
CREATIVO® Workshop is also dedicated to project manager, architects and professionals of the Green Building sector. The aim is to foster a new, eco-friendly renovation concept.

If you are an applicator, contact us to learn when will the next workshop closest to you be!

If you are interested in the distribution/sales/promotion of the product and would like to organize a workshop at your office/showroom contact us and we’ll set everything up together!