Creativo Microcemento

CREATIVO® means high quality seamless surfaces with a contemporary design.
CREATIVO® is a microcement and resin system, made with raw materials with a low environmental impact that combine protection, resistance and an exclusive design to guarantee living comfort and quality of materials. The main values of a truely Made in Italy product.
CREATIVO® is a practical and functional system in the field of sustainable urban regeneration.

The Home Makeover

CREATIVO® MICROCEMENTO it’s an easy to apply system.

Thanks to its very low thickness (2-3 mm) doesn not require cutting and removal of architectural elements such as doors, window sills, etc.

It can be applied directly on ceramic tiles and old floor with no need of dismantling and disposing of the substrate and therefore reducing the environmental impact.


  • Excellent adhesion to substrate, high flexibility, resistance to compression, abrasion, scratches.
  • HACCP certified for application in food rooms and hospitals.
  • Non-toxic, A+ classified for indoor VOC emissions.
  • Waterproof and resistant to UV-rays,
  • Very low dirt pick-up and certified resistance to basic detergents, alkalis and acids.
  • CE-marked according to UNI EN 1813 Standard.

All these characteristics are tested and certified in external labs.

Contact us to receive all test reports.


CREATIVO® MICROCEMENTO has been developed for the renovation and decoration of walls and floors in interior and exterior.
Used both in private, commercial and industrial settings, it is ideal for hospitals, resaurants, hotels, showrooms, stores and shopping malls, bathrooms, showers, sinks, radiant floors, furniture, countertops, etc. 

FO + M


Two-pack microfibrated mortar composed of coarse mineral aggregates, resins, microcement, and special additives. CREATIVO® FONDO and CREATIVO® MICROCEMENTO are mixed together before application. CREATIVO® FONDO can be applied directly on ceramic tiles and even glass.
Apply by CREATIVO® Trowel.

FI + M


Two-pack microfibrated mortar composed of thin mineral aggregates, resins, microcement, and special additives. CREATIVO® FINITURA is coloured in the selected shade, then mixed with CREATIVO® MICROCEMENTO before application.

Apply by CREATIVO® Red Spatula.




Acrylic microemulsion, with high penetrating and consolidating characteristics. To consolidate the substrate and reduce absorbency of subsequent coat of CREATIVO® TOP.

Apply by: CREATIVO® Roller.

A + B


Special two-pack PU water-based top coat. Protects the system and icreases its performance and water-resistance. Available: GLOSSY, SATIN, MATT.

Apply by CREATIVO® Mohair Roller.



STEP 1 = FO + M
Mix CREATIVO® FONDO and CREATIVO® MICROCEMENTO (2:1 ratio) until a lump-free homogeneous mix is achieved.
Apply the product by stainless still trowel in a very thin layer. After 8 hours sand the surface and vacuum the dust.
Apply a 2nd coat in the same way.*

STEP 2 = FI + M
Select CREATIVO® FINITURA in the desired shade. Mix it with CREATIVO® MICROCEMENTO (2:1 ratio) before application.
Apply the product by CREATIVO® Red Spatula.  Wait 8 hours, then sand the surface and vacuum the dust.
Apply a 2nd coat and design it according to the effect desired.*


STEP 3 = P
CREATIVO® PRIMER is ready to use and is applied by roller. Wait at least 8 hours before the last coat of CREATIVO® FINITURA and sand and vacuum the surface before applying it. It is also possible to apply a decorative finish from the Stile Italiano collection instead (see TDS).


STEP 4 = A + B
Carefully mix component A and B of CREATIVO® TOP and apply by special mohair roller.
Wait at least 6 hours and no more than 24h to apply 2nd coat. When applying it in showers, sinks and outdoor, it is necessary to apply 3 coats of CREATIVO® TOP. Wait at least 24-36 h before walking on the surface and 7 days for complete curing.

*Once the 2 components have been mixed, pot-life is approx. 1.5 hours. Do not moisten or wet the surfaces. We recommend the use of shoecovers during the whole job.


Before applying CREATIVO® carefully read the TDS and contact our technical department for any doubt

Shades & Colours

3 Finishes and an unlimited colour range

Easy to colour with COLORPLUS®  tinting machine, CREATIVO® is available in more than 1000 colours including the NCS Index collection. 

Select your favourite colour from the Armonie d’Interni colour card.


CREATIVO® system is protected by CREATIVO® TOP, water-based PU top coat for interior and exterior. CREATIVO® TOP is available GLOSSY, SATIN and MATT, clear or colourable, in order to offer you a wider range of solutions. CREATIVO® TOP is also HACCP certified for use all areas where high hygene is required.

Decorative Effects

Unique designer finishes on your floor

It is now possible to enrich CREATIVO® microcement system with decorative finishes from the STILE ITALIANO collection to get metallic, pearlescent, iridescent effects on your walls and floors.

Decorative finishes are applied on CREATIVO® FINITURA, instead of the primer and do not therefore require any additional coat.

Thanks toCREATIVO® excellent workability, it is also possible to create various textures and effects, design the product, make stencils, etc.

The only limit is your imagination!

Become part of the CREATIVO® world,  we’re constantly looking for new partners and dealers worldwide!